The Agriturism La Casa rossa , is near Lanuvio, a famous tourist- centre in the countryside in Castelli Romani nature park wich is important for historical and naturalistic reasons. This Farm is 20 Hectars vast under orchard and vineyard cultivation. It is possible to buy here agricoltural products: wine coming from selected grape, oil coming from the first pressing to preserve all intact its quality and fruit in sezson like pears, apples, peaches and famous kiwis from Agro Pontino. This farm is runned in conformity with advanced agronomic techniques both cultiva--tions and deep-freezing of products using new system to avoid injurious chemicals. A luxury country house will-receive you with two confortable and indipendent furnished flats with fittingout kitchen; there is pleasant garden with barbecue from this farm is easy to reach Rome with frequent links by train thanks to local railway station.Besides you can visit the Castelli Romani nature park with Genzano, Nemi, Castelgandolfo (the Pope's summerresidence), Frascati, historical and gastronomic places. If you love the seaside you can visit Anzio, Nettuno and Terracina and from here you can reach Pontine isles.

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